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We're delighted to be bringing the following features to our website, available to VegDining account subscribers. For more information on getting a VegDining login account, please click here.

Restaurant Profiles
Every month, we'll profile one of the many vegetarian restaurants in our worldwide directory. Meet the people behind the scenes and in the kitchens of some of the world's most innovative and popular vegetarian restaurants. Enjoy the stories of how they are bringing the world the best in vegetarian dining !

    THIS ISSUE: Vegetarian House, San Jose, California

Sit back and travel to an exciting destination with one of our VegDining correspondents. Enjoy a quick taste of how to get the most out of your travels as a vegetarian, discover key points of interest, and pick up some travel tips along the way.

    THIS ISSUE: Lyon, France

Diet & Nutrition with Vesanto Melina
We're especially delighted to welcome Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian to our team. Vesanto is co-author of numerous books on vegetarian nutrition, including "Becoming Vegan" and "Becoming Vegetarian" as well as "Food Allergy Survival Guide" and "Raising Vegetarian Children".

    THIS ISSUE: Plant Protein Power, Part 4

Restaurant Recipes
Everyone enjoys a good recipe, if not to experiment with in the comfort of one's own kitchen, then to at least get a few pointers from expert chefs and restauranteurs. So clear off your kitchen counter, and get ready as we bring you recipes from some of the most popular restaurants in our guide.

    THIS ISSUE: Healthy Red Rice

Vegetarian Spotlight
Join us as we shine the spotlight on vegetarian organizations and individuals making significant contributions to vegetarianism around the world. From large international organizations to individual activists in remote locations, we'll share their stories in this inspiring new feature.

    THIS ISSUE: Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegetarian Books & Authors
Our newest feature brings you reviews of some of the latest vegetarian books and introduces you to some of the leading vegetarian authors. From vegetarian advocacy, to food industry exposes, to the hottest vegetarian cookbooks, you'll find it right here on VegDining !

    THIS ISSUE: Tina Volpe, Fast Food Craze


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