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Testimonials ...
  "I'm happy to endorse as the premier site for vegetarians/vegans looking for somewhere to eat anywhere in the world. The combination of the IVU Global Directory and provides the complete solution for veg*n travellers."

John Davis
Webmaster, International Vegetarian Union
Webmaster, The Vegetarian Society UK

  "I travel all over North America and on every trip, as surely as I have my toothbrush, I have a printout of vegetarian restaurants from This web site is my culinary salvation."

Bruce Friedrich
Vegan Campaign Coordinator, PETA

  "The future of public evolution to plant-based eating lies in the public's acceptance of plant-based meals in restaurants. All who care about the health of their family, their planet, and the animals should applaud and support VegDining's magnificent international campaign to promote such restaurants."

Alex Hershaft, PhD
President, FARM, and founder of Meatout

  "The first thing I do before traveling is to check I have always been treated to a tremendous meal when I followed their advice. If you love to eat as I do read first and then travel."

Howard Lyman
President, Author, Mad Cowboy

  "As an author and speaker, or just for pleasure, before I go to any new city, I visit and print off the appropriate pages. It's a terrific resource for vegetarian travelers, or even those who simply want healthy, delicious food while they're away. I'm delighted to see this website's new section on B & B's and guest houses!"

Vesanto Melina, R.D.
Registered Dietitian and co-author "Becoming Vegetarian",     "Cooking Vegetarian" and "Becoming Vegan"

  "I travel a lot and always seek out good vegan dining options in advance of my trips. VegDining is the first site that I visit to help me decide which restaurants I should check out when I go someplace new. Bravo to the VegDining community for creating and maintaining this valuable resource!"

Dilip Barman
President, Triangle Vegetarian Society, North Carolina

  "VegDining is the perfect resource for the world traveler. Before embarking on a recent trip to Eastern Europe, my eating fears were calmed when I located several vegetarian havens that I never would have known about otherwise. Thank goodness for VegDining!"

Michele Simon
Founder and Director, Center for Informed Food Choices

  "VegDining is a fantastic resource for vegetarians and vegans who do not wish to take a chance eating out at a pseudo-veg restaurant, or have the time to track down a genuine veg restaurant. I highly recommend this useful site!"

Paul Turner
Director, Food for Life Global
Editor, International Vegetarian Union Magazine

  "Living vibrantly vegetarian is about embracing a food ethic which promotes healthful living, steps more lightly on the planet, and celebrates a reverence for other living beings. How appropriate that (your one-stop shop for all of your veggie dining needs) offers its own cornucopia of wonderful, enriching delights! VegDining has done a truly remarkable job in collecting a wealth of resources for peaceful-palate-pleasing plant-based dining the planet over. I enjoy reading what my fellow San Francisco Bay Area foodaholicks have to say about local restaurants, and I NEVER leave the area without getting the skinny on my veggie dining alternatives from (where else?)"

Alka Chandna
Grassroots Activist, San Francisco

  "Before I travel, I log onto It's the online source for finding the best vegetarian restaurants anywhere in the world!"

Gail Davis
Author, The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods

  "Before travelling anywhere - whether it be to another city or another country - I always check out the listings on A great, easy-to-use resource!"

Peter McQueen
Past-President, Toronto Vegetarian Association

  "Thanks to I can find great veg-friendly restaurants whenever I travel. It would take me hours of searching on my own, but thankfully makes it so much easier!"

Erin Pavlina

  "I never travel anywhere without first checking to see if there's a veg-friendly establishment listed on route or at my destination. Then I make it a point to search out vegetarian restaurants to add to their database. I trust their listings because they don't include any ole restaurant that just has veg listings on the menu. These are full-fledged veg establishments! They also offer great prizes, and all you have to do to enter is tell them about your favorite veg restaurant!"

Melanie Wilson
Editor, Vegetarian Baby & Child



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