-- Village Green, Jerusalem, , Israel
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33 Jaffa Street
Jerusalem Israel
Phone: 6253065

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"It looks like and feels like a cafetaria, but has a fine selection of vegetarian food and a fair amount for vegans too. It isn't cheap: you fill up a plate and weigh it, so you don't know how much you are spending until you are charged. The restaurant is in downtown Jerusalem where there is no parking nearby, but if you are already wondering around there, it's the most wholesome food you'll find."
Tel Aviv Israel
"The Village Green Restaurant on Jaffe Street in Jerusalem, Israel is absolutely wonderful. Their service is good. The cashier and counter people are very consumer and foreign visitor friendly. And the food is wonderful. The portions are large enough for two or for a second meal, and they make Shabbat specials on Friday. Oh, and their nut pie is to die for. It is so good. The prices are comparable to other restaurants in Jerusalem. They offer take outs, phone in orders, deliveries and cater special events. My girlfriend and I enjoyed dining there so much, it became a several time-a-week ritual during our stay. I strongly encourage anyone who is a kosher consumer, vegetarian, animal rights activist or anyone who is just wanting the taste of good, healthy and clean food to try Village Green Restaurant on Jaffe Road in Jerusalem, Israel."
Manorville, NY

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