-- Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Chantilly, VA, USA
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13872 Metrotech Drive
Chantilly, VA   USA
Phone: (703) 378-6888

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"Husband and I each ordered a meal for carry-out there, and I have no idea what he had; Lotus' orange-eggplant thing was so spectacular I kind-of fell into a food coma. I crave it constantly; can't even order anything else, I'm so stuck on it. He remembers his food as being great, but I'm deeply in love."
Centreville, VA
"I'm still relatively new to the area, but my veg-radar quickly picked out this restaurant in my community from a list I pulled up on my community's website. My first taste of Lotus' fare was a Friday night takeout meal of the "Lotus Organic Tofu". This dish included lotus roots, king oyster mushrooms, sugar peas, red bell peppers, Thai basil, and ginger in a brown sauce. It was DELICIOUS! My next visit to Lotus was impromptu - I was shopping in a nearby plaza at lunchtime and I decided to treat myself to a quiet sit down lunch. The service was very friendly. As I ordered the Vege-chicken w/ Cashews, I enunciated the "vege" part, forgetting that I need not worry about any possible meat mixups - the entire menu is vegetarian! I'm not used to such carefree ordering. On the whole, I had a great experience with both visits to Lotus. I will be a repeat customer there."
Chantilly, VA

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