-- Green Vegetarian Cuisine, San Antonio, TX, USA
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Full Good Building
200 E. Grayson Street, Ste. 120
San Antonio, TX   USA
Phone: (210) 320-5865

    HOURS: Mon - Thur: 7am - 9pm; Fri: 7am - 7pm; Sun: 8am - 9pm.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Outstanding! This is the first vegetarian restaurant that I ever tried. It was a wonderful experience. The people greet you as soon as you walk in the door with a warm smile - even when I walked in 15 minutes before opening. The roomy dining area (indoor and outdoor) made wheelchair accessiblity easy. The food is amazing. My son had a tofu scramble made with fresh veggies right out of their own garden (which you walk through from the parking lot). I had the eggs benedict with avocado and tangy-spicy chipotle sauce. Loved it! The building used for the restaurant was a bakery built in 1896. They have an album located at the back of the restaurant documenting its history. Green is a place I make plans on visiting every time I'm in San Antonio."
Harlingen, TX
"Before going to TX, I searched for Green Vegetarian because I was afraid, as a vegan, of being in a new place for a three-day convention and having a hard time finding vegan food. I headed straight from my hotel after check-in to have a late lunch/early dinner at Green, not expecting it to be better than the restaurants here in Atlanta.

What a menu! I had trouble deciding (having only one stomach), but opted for the Buffalo Tofu Fingers and Green Burger. I blame my desire to take advantage of the abundant menu, their wonderful service, and the delicious food for what happened next: I returned the next day at lunch to try the Popcorn Tofu Poboy and loved it so much I ordered dinner to go (the Neatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad).

I was so impressed, I left the conference during a break the next day and took a taxi BACK to the restaurant for breakfast (Tofu scramble and tofu-chorizo breakfast taco)! Then, knowing full well that Riverwalk is full of restaurants awaiting my tourist dollars, I still couldn't help myself - and ordered, to-go dinner for that night (Cici's stirfry) and breakfast for my final day (tofu scrambler again - it was worth duplicating the experience)!

I have travelled all over the world and love trying new vegetarian restaurants (it's almost the reason I travel, other than meeting new like-minded friends). I can honestly say that I have never before eaten all meals for three days from the same restaurant - but who could blame me? I really enjoyed the food, stayed within my per diem budget for a lotT of heaping portions, felt "at home" with the owners (it's a family-run business and I felt so welcome!), and loved to see the way that these people are living the dream with their environmental design/sustainable power, products, packaging/spreading vegetarianism. I couldn't help but invest (my dining dollars) to support what is the most important thing to me: "walk the talk".

My only complaint? This restaurant is in Texas and I live in Georgia and they don't deliver that far!!! I challenge anyone to top my three-day, all-meals, feeding frenzy at Green!! ;) I hope you love it as much as I did. Thanks to Edlyn and Mike - I hope we cross paths again!"

Atlanta, GA
"Yum! They have a fabulous Neatloaf, and we liked the Popcorn Tofu. And the Chikin Fried Wheat-meat is to die for. With cream gravy even. My mouth's watering just thinking about it. Prices are great - entrées around $8, including 2 sides. They also serve breakfast. It's casual, you order at the counter and pick your seat. Only drawback is the location in a less than savory part of downtown, but if ever in SA again we'll be there."
Loomis, CA

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