-- Roots Vegetarian Restaurant & Juice Bar, Bloomington, IN, USA
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124 North Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN   USA
Phone: (812) 336-ROOT

    HOURS: Mon-Thur 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, open Sunday for brunch
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Wonderful, wonderful restaurant. Nice servers and service. A refreshing place to eat in a world full of processed food. If you want to eat truly healthy and trust you are getting fresh vegetarian dishes, this is the place to go."
Coral Springs, FL
"I was on a mission to find somewhere in the area that I could enjoy some dining and not be worried about hidden animal products in my entrée. Roots was introduced to me by my niece who was newly attending the University in Bloomington. She highly recommended the "country fried seitan" and since I had never experienced it as a dish I went for it! This was a delicious choice - the seitan was moist and the mash was covered in a wonderful gravy. It came with steamed broccoli that could of been a little hotter temperature wise for my taste. To finish my meal I enjoyed a chocolate chip vegan cookie that gave me hope for my own experiments in vegan baking - something I have yet to conquer!

I returned to Roots the following week to pick up some more cookies for a road trip I was on and also some carrot muffins. These muffins saved me on the road since my destination town did not even know the meaning of the word vegan (what is that ? some sorta religious food?!) I look forward to dining at Roots again soon."

Indianapolis, IN

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