-- Amitabul, Chicago, IL, USA
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6207 N Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL   USA
Phone: (773) 774-0276

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"A hidden gem in Chicago. Delicious Vegan Korean cuisine. They offer meal plans. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, very Zen."
Bellwood, IL
"This vegan Korean restaurant was a wonderful surprise. It's what a vegetarian restaurant should be. The food is steamed, not sauteed or fried, as in most restaurants. The servings were large and the food was excellent. They have an array of appetizers, salads, soups, and stews. Specials include Maha Pyogo (mushrooms with green veggies in garlic sauce over brown rice), Green and Greener Nirvana (green veggies, tofu, and seaweed), Buddha Bop (herbs and roots with veggies), Wolfman's Dream Treats (chestnut sweet potato, potato, and radish with nuts and veggies), Buddha's 3 Luck (maple and sesame leaf base sauce with brown rice cake and Asian veggies over brown rice), and a number of others. Okay, the menu does contain some nonsense like soups that supposedly cure you of upper respiratory viral infections, but just ignore that. Follow a proper lifestyle and you won't get viral infections to begin with.

Current hours are Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 9 PM and Sunday, noon to 8 PM. Closed Mondays. Carry out is available until a half hour before closing.

This is truly one of the best vegetarian restaurants in all respects -- strictly vegan, steamed dishes, whole plant foods with minimal use of meat analogues, and everything beautifully prepared. I give it a rare unqualified recommendation, and, if you have time for only one restaurant in Chicago, this should be it."

Phoenix, AZ

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