-- Una Pizza Napolitana, San Francisco, CA, USA
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210 11th Street
San Francisco, CA   USA

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"Una Pizza Napolitana is a SF restaurant that was accidentally vegetarian and is now nearly so (they only have one meat topping, served on only one type of pizza, only on Saturdays). They serve delicious traditional pizza with buffalo mozzarella (except for the vegan marinara) in the style of Naples/Napoli, using a beautiful mosaic pizza oven that they display front and center in this small, minimalist restaurant. They only serve a few styles of pizza and some drinks, nothing else and no substitutions. In this high-ceiling location, there are only a few small pieces of art on the walls. At $20 per individual pizza, it's not cheap (3 to 4 times what I paid in Naples a couple years ago), but it's a nice treat."
San Francisco, CA

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