-- Ananda Fuara Vegetarian Restaurant, San Francisco, CA, USA
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1298 Market Street
San Francisco, CA   USA
Phone: (415) 621-1994

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Civic Center.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Ananda Fuara, centrally located downtown near City Hall, Civic Center, the Main Library and the Asian Art Museum, is a long-time standby. It's situated in a relaxing setting with Sri Chinmoy art on the walls and a sky-themed ceiling, especially welcome for that part of the city. A Sri Chinmoy restaurant, it serves both Indian-inspired and American food with an Indian-attired and generally attentive staff. Their "comfort" food is consistently good."
San Francisco, CA
"Ananda Fuara is an old favorite in San Francisco and for good reason. Located in the heart of downtown (near Civic Center Plaza, City Hall, Asian Art Museum, Main Library, Bill Graham Auditorium, UN Plaza, the opera and symphony buildings), it makes a vegetarian meal very convenient. Run by followers of Sri Chinmoy, the relaxing atmosphere of this Indian-inspired restaurant with cloud-painted ceilings is complemented by good, down home, American-style food like lentil loaf with gravy as well as many other options to suit a wide range of tastes."
San Francisco, CA
"This is a great find. The food is extremely conservatively priced. I had the burrito and blueberry banana bread, and they were both more than the usual fare. I would go back in a second."
Boca Raton, FL

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