-- Lovin' Spoonfuls, Tucson, AZ, USA
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2990 N. Campbell, Suite 120
Tucson, AZ   USA
Phone: (520) 325-SPOON

    HOURS: Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 9pm
Sun: 10am - 3pm
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"Lovin' Spoonfuls will make every diner, meat eaters included, wonder why anyone would ever want to put the flesh of another being in their mouth again. The dishes are not only incredibly delicious, flavorable and incredibly similar in taste and texture to real meat and dairy, but one of the things that strikes me the most is the variety on the menu. Where I come from, many vegetarian restaurants have strict themes - Asian cuisine, Indian cuisine, or salad and sandwhich types of dishes, for example. At Lovin' Spoonfuls, classics of all cuisines are compassionately recreated - from nuggets, to lasagna, to stir fries, to "tuna" salad - whatever you're in the mood for, they've got it, and you can count on it being incredibly tasty."
Toronto, ON
"I've been to Lovin' Spoonfuls since I used to live in Tucson. Their food is very good and healthy! We would like to ask celebrities who are vegan and/or vegetarian when visiting Tucson sometime to visit Lovin' Spoonfuls Restaurant. They at Lovin' Spoonfuls would like to have photos and/or autographed photos of celebrities who are vegans/vegetarians to hang them on the walls of the Tucson restaurant. Just like a Mexican restaurant in South Tucson. Please visit their restaurant. Very good food."
Dickson, TN
"My husband I and were recently in the Tucson area and stopped at Lovin' Spoonfuls. I got the "chicken" salad sandwich and it was great! I chose the carrot salad for my side which was absolutely delicious. I would return just for that. It was a casual place and everyone there was very friendly. There were quite a few "regulars" there so they must be doing something right. We highly recommend if you're in the area to make Lovin' Spoonfuls one of your stops."
Agawam, MA
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