-- Cat Bar Barcelona, Barcelona, , Spain
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c/ Boria 17
Barcelona Spain

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"Eating vegan in Barcelona is rather difficult, but at Cat Bar, the menu is entirely vegan. It is a rather small bar with a limited menu, but the atmosphere is very fun and laid back. The staff speak multiple languages so it is also suitable for tourists. They have dozens of beers on tap which is also a rather difficult thing to find in Spain. The menu is limited to only veggie burgers and different sides, but the veggie burgers come in a wide variety such as Mexican with guacamole and classic burgers. I took my meat-eating friend there who had never had a veggie burger and she loved it. The staff is extremely friendly, it is located only a short distance from a subway stop, and the prices are below average for Barcelona. Overall, I would highly recommend Cat Bar!"
Berlin Germany

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