-- La Petite Place Café, Magog, Estrie, PQ, Canada
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108 Place du Commerce
Magog, Estrie, PQ   Canada
Phone: (819) 847-3067

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"Located in a square next to an outdoor sculpture exhibition, this is more than a simple cafe; it's also like a clearinghouse for information about holistic health. Crystals and ads for yoga classes and nutrition workshops share space with rustic-themed furniture. You can even retreat to the book nook after a meal. The signature ingredient here is sprouts. They pop up everywhere - in the salads, tortillas and even the sandwiches. They add a hint of cool freshness to the tangy and creamy tortilla bursting with humus, tzatziki and shredded carrot. Equally creative is the salad tossed with romaine, red cabbage, spinach and sprouts. It's quite filling and, at $6, quite affordable too. For those with wheat allergies, the restaurant offers corn or kamut bread, and vegans can enjoy soy milk with their cereal. Omelettes and crepes are made with organic wheat flour, so healthy eating is assured."
Montreal, PQ

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