-- Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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1467 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB   Canada
Phone: (204) 477-1530

    NEIGHBORHOOD: Ft. Garry.
    HOURS: Mon - Fri 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM; Tue - Sat 4 PM - 10 PM; Sun 4 PM - 9 PM
    CUISINE: Chinese vegan cuisine.
    SERVICE: Full Service and Take-out.
    SPECIALTIES: Hot and Sour Soup, Vegetarian Eight Treasures, Delicious Vegetable Deluxe, Vegetarian Beef with Ginger, Sweet and Sour Gluten Balls.
    FEATURES: Lunch special. Two or three times a year we host special dinners for the Winnipeg Vegetarian Association.
    NON-SMOKING: Our restaurant is completely non-smoking.
    RESERVATIONS: Not Necessary, Recommended on weekends.
    DIRECTIONS: From downtown Winnipeg, travel south on Pembina Highway. On west side (left side if coming from downtown), about 5 or 6 blocks south of McGillivary Blvd. Block after Q-94/1290 radio station. Street parking available in front of our restaurant.

    MAP: Click here for a map to find us

"I've always been a carnivore. But the flavors this restaurant has and the way they cook their meals are so delicious that I can see how vegetarians survive without the taste of meat. AMAZING dishes one in particular (tofu in peanut sauce) that's better than any tofu dishes I've tasted. I could eat that dish all day long!!! The mushroom appy is battered so well I find it hard to believe it's just mushroom. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! *applause* "
Winnipeg, MB
"Excellent food. Good service. We went early so there was no wait for service or food. The mushrooms were fantastic and everything else was superb. The "main" courses were a bit skimpy compared to the portions of the appetizers, but other than that, it's definitely on my list of restaurants to re-visit. Bon-appetit. "
Ottawa, ON
"A delight to dine there. I would go back."
Winnipeg, MB
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