-- Zenith, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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86 South 26th Street
Pittsburgh, PA   USA
Phone: (412) 481-4833

    CATEGORY: MOSTLY VEGAN (Fully Vegetarian).
    HOURS: Wed - Saturday 11:30am - 9pm ; Sun (brunch) 11:00am - 3pm.
    MAP: Click here for a map to find us
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"The Zenith was the perfect choice for our Valentine's Day dinner this year. No waiting in line for a table and no sifting through a meat-filled menu to find something vegetarian friendly.

This restaurant, so neatly tucked into a back road of the South Side in Pittsburgh, offers to it's visitors a very extensive antique selection. Here you can find anything from clothing and jewelery to furniture and artwork.

After you've rummaged through all the unique items in the shop, you can make your way to the dining area where you're free to seat yourself. A waitress promptly comes to provide you with a menu and takes your drink order. Amongst you on the walls and beside you on dressers and shelves as you eat, are many interesting pieces to look at. Your eyes are never bored! I found that many of these items were fantastic conversation starters as well!

The food was spectacular! The flavor was far from bland, it was zesty, citrus-y and everything fabulous in between. The cakes they have are also to die for! Specifically the Chocolate raspberry.

Valentine's Day filled the air with love songs, the scent of antiques and pink material roses hung from the ceiling. Upon leaving nearly 2 hours later, we were thanked by the cook, the waitress and a few other employees as they took a well deserved break on one of their antique sofas.

By the door sat a plaque which read "Voted Best Place to Not Eat Meat" I agree 110%!"

Belle Vernon, PA
"On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I had lunch at Zenith after reading about it online. It's a vegetarian restaurant/antique store - very eclectic. The food was excellent and the dining room area was filled with antiques and very charming."
Philadelphia, PA

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