-- Bliss Cafe, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
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778 Higuerra Street, Suite D
San Luis Obispo, CA   USA
Phone: (805) 547-0108

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"We blissed out at Bliss. We ordered at the counter and the food was served to us at their lovely outdoor seating area along the creek on a warm spring day (they also have indoor seating with some cool crystals).

We very much enjoyed their scrumptious tempeh reuben sandwich, savory Baja Chipotle sandwich, large tofu peanut salad (one could choose from tempeh, tofu, or seitan for all dishes), and Indian-influenced pea soup, all of which were satisfying. For dessert, we had a cinnamon-intense, gluten-free, snickerdoodle-like cookie. Prices seemed a bit high, but the quality and portion size made it worthwhile.

Next time I'm in SLO, I know where I'll be eating."

San Francisco, CA

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