-- Supreme Master Ching Hai Vegetarian House, Phoenix, AZ, USA
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3239 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ   USA
Phone: (602) 264-3480

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"This is a treat to find and worth the drive from Tucson to Phoenix. Everything on the menu is excellent and there is plenty of it. The best is for a vegan/vegetarian to be able to eat anything in the restaurant and not worry that meat and/or meat products are in the food. We never miss it when we are in Phoenix and highly recommend it to anyone, vegetarian or not!"
Tucson, AZ
"A real find for vegetarians and vegans who like tasty food as well as occasionally taking an omnivore out dining. They are sure to ask, "Are you sure this is not meat?" The restaurant is clean and well lighted, the food is excellent and the staff is friendly. Our family favorites include: beef with broccoli, lemon grass chicken, sea food platter (complete with shrimp and lobster) and ginger whole fish. After enjoying your meal you can shop in the in-house vegan market and try to make some of the dishes at home."
Phoenix, AZ
"Simply a treasure trove of a restaurant, with an extensive menu of Asian dishes, leaning toward a Vietnamese specialization. Every menu item I have tried has been creatively inspired and aesthetically balanced. Completely avoids a tendency toward the "rabbit food" trap many vegetarian restaurants fall into (i.e. alfalfa sprouts on everything, no flavor, etc.) Clean, quiet ambience and surprisingly inexpensive besides."
Chandler, AZ

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