-- Café Kino, Bristol, Avon, England
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3 Ninetree Hill
Bristol, Avon   England
Phone: 0117 924 9200

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"Café Kino is a delightful vegan cafe that is run by a non-profit co-operative (mostly staffed by volunteers). The enitre menu is vegan, although they keep organic milk in for hot drinks. The animal-free food is totally delicious - we had tasty Thai Green Curry, luscious Leek, Mushroom and "Bacon" pie and perfect pancakes with fresh berries and non-dairy ice cream all washed down with organic smoothies and soya lattes! Wherever possible the food is from ethical, sustainable, local sources. An absolute treat for vegans and veggies and a real eye-opener for non-veggies, we highly recommend this lovely café!"
Fareham, Hants

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