-- Zen Gardens, Cambridge, ON, Canada
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65 Water Street N.
Cambridge, ON   Canada
Phone: (519) 620-8809

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"With the restaurant I just got back from, I couldn't see why everyone could start to eat a lot healthier and still enjoy it! What an experience I had at the Zen Gardens in Cambridge, Ontario. Looks are very deceiving when you pull up to the restaurant, because the inside was gorgeous. A very Asian, relaxing feel, with soft music in the background. The staff was extremely welcoming and friendly, making sure that before we ordered our meal we knew what was in it and if we had any allergies.

The food arrived fast and hot! I really enjoyed the cutlery and how they presented the food. It felt like you were eating at a really expensive restaurant just without that expensive bill at the end. The food was very well priced, worth every penny. I had the Sweet and Sour Lappa, with purple rice, soup of the day (wonton soup), spring rolls, a salad with fresh fruit, a dessert and a tea. All that was included together in the price. It was great! I haven't tasted something so flavourful in a long time and I felt great afterwards. Not like you would feel after you might have a big hamburger or steak at a restaurant. I went with a friend who isn't vegetarian and they thought it was great! They described too of how they felt good after it. Overall I just want to say thanks for a wonderful experience. I will be back very soon and will make sure to tell many people about it!"

Brantford, ON
"You want service, style, flavor and seemingly endless choices for vegetarians? Try Zen Gardens! As soon as we walk through the door, we are greeted with a smile and kind words and are seated very promptly. Zen Gardens combines wonderful, timely service with meals that just burst with flavor and aroma. I love a nice blend of sweet and spicy and Zen Gardens achieves this to a tee. The pure atmosphere of soft music and sounds of nature immediately sets my mind at ease and allows me to unwind while enjoying a nice cup of tea prior to the meal.

I never leave feeling hungry or feeling like I have overeaten. The portions are perfect and are priced very reasonably. My body and mind feel like they've had a makeover upon leaving. Zen Gardens is my favorite place to eat when I visit Cambridge and is Cambridge's best kept secret. Now here's the real secret ... I'm not even a vegetarian!"

Fredericton, NB

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