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About VegDining.com

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit our site !

Many of you have left some wonderful comments and have asked to hear the VegDining story. In the days ahead we'll put more about ourselves on this page, including write-ups about our newly recruited correspondents.

The VegDining.com Story

What better way is there to introduce a friend to vegetarianism than to invite him or her for dinner at a fully vegetarian restaurant ?

It was with this in mind that the seeds for VegDining.com were planted in the summer of 1999.

Our mission is simply ...

  "To do our best to promote vegetarianism by doing our best to promote vegetarian restaurants around the world."  

We developed a prototype for our website in June, tested our concept through the summer and officially launched VegDining.com in September. The rest, as they say, is vegetarian history.

Vegetarian Groups Are Important To Us

Although our focus at VegDining.com is on vegetarian restaurants, we'll never forget our roots as vegetarian activists (you bet, we've spent hundreds of hours tabling at community events, organizing cooking demos, doing media interviews, publishing newsletters, hosting out-of-town speakers, cleaning up after potlucks, you name it we've done it). You won't find bigger vegetarian group supporters than VegDining.com !

Through group memberships, event sponsorships, prize purchases, advertising, free banner ad offers and more, we try to help vegetarian groups every chance we can. To prove our point and to encourage other businesses to follow our lead, here's a list of some of the vegetarian groups we've supported ...

International Vegetarian Union

Vegetarian Union of North America

February 9, 2002 - Bay Area Veg Fair

May 7, 2000 - San Francisco Vegetarian Society

Viva Vegie (New York City)

VSDC (Washington DC)

Vegetarian Resource Group

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Farm Animal Reform Movement

Vegetarian Society of Georgia

The Ark Trust

EarthSave Canada

If your group would like VegDining.com to help, give us a call -- we'll see what we can do !


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